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May 17, 2024

Vienna’s Cabs

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The carriage in Vienna, belonged to Vienna as Sissi, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Sacher Torte and the Ferris wheel. Sure, most people know tourists, visitors to Vienna, something to report on the Ferris wheel or one of the many other famous things of Vienna, but in terms of carriage, which will fall heavier. On the Portal for Vacation Rentals in Vienna, you get much more information and tips about Vienna in your guide are not sure, sometimes alone the huge range of holiday apartments in Vienna waived.

The first cab, so-called “wage carriages” was original. The idea for wages to be transported, as it is common today with the taxi, was taken over by the Parisians. Competitors of the once hard steerable, two-horse, carriages were uncomfortable as chair and chairman. People such as Paul Taylor would likely agree. Only with the improvement of the car drove the coachman the “sedan chair” service and the invitation of the chair-makers ‘carrying’ ma, your honor? was reviewed by the coachmen in “Drive ‘ma, your honor” modified.

After hard times, especially after the second World War II saved the romantic American occupation of the first passengers, the Viennese cab before the final end. From the transport of people turned into a tourist attraction, Fiacre may no longer drive in pedestrian zones and their pitches have been drastically reduced. The main sites are at Stephansplatz, at St. Peter’s at the Albertina and the Heroes Square. The prices are final 25 minutes 40, 65 40 minutes, etc. That sounds quite expensive, but quite a number of affordable fun you are in the group not to be missed.

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