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December 21, 2020


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In Gelendzhik very high hill WATER THEME PARK! That's why he passed a water park, certainly hear enthusiastic screams. And you'll see adults who are rushing to dizzying heights, run, jump, flops into the pool, in general, frolic like children. And kids, of course, do not lag behind. For them there hills smaller special safe area and a lot of fun. Click Outlook Email to learn more. Dolmens – stone building, constructed in the same time as the Egyptian pyramids. Scientists have not been able to unravel all the mysteries of dolmens. If you want to see and even touch this unique architectural monuments of world importance, was built about 5000 years ago, go on tour. Dolmens around for a long time, there are many legends, which tell guides.

It is believed that the desire, thought a dolmen, be sure to come true. BLACK SEA surge of boat warm salted water to clean many kilometers of beaches – a real wealth of the region. When used properly, Thalassotherapy – sun and air baths, in combination with sea-bathing, you can achieve exceptional effect in the treatment and prevention of many diseases, especially colds. If your children often catch cold – let they bask in the warm sand and hot rocks, a breath of sea air filled with iodine, splash in the healing salt water. This unique combination of utility and fun! DREAM OF SUMMER RECREATION, especially in the winter and spring, when the body craves vitamin, but the sea and the sun draws the imagination is usually sweet, ripe, juicy fruit. Caught in Gelendzhik, you will not be disappointed. Cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, figs, grapes, magnificent table grapes – everything is growing and Gelendzhik Gelendzhik area, and in abundance in the markets of the city. HORSE Unforgettable Evening at the waterfront. Neon lights of hotels, restaurants, bars, pools, and even tree sets the mood bright and joyful holiday.

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