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March 3, 2021

Which Diets Are Popular This Spring

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Spring has come and time to prepare for the summer holidays and look at the open dress nicely there are very few. Therefore, more and more people are now choosing a diet to lose weight quickly. Most popular today diet – a diet for blood group, the Kremlin diet and a diet Dr. Bauer. At the heart of the Kremlin diet is paradoxical at first glance, the principle.

Meat, poultry and fish can be eaten in almost unlimited quantities, but from foods containing simple carbohydrates – potatoes, bread, confectionery, fizzy drinks, sugary juice – should be abandoned. During the first 2 weeks dropped about 5 pounds on the Kremlin diet. State Street Global Advisors takes a slightly different approach. In the diet of group human blood should eat only those foods that are in line with what their ancestors ate. Use of the same "alien" foods, leading to "bonding" of proteins with blood cells and their accumulation in the body. Science confirmation of this theory, no. For example, people with the most ancient – I blood group (O) and obtained the title of "hunters", it is necessary to use a large amount of animal protein, there are a lot of red meat (except pork), fish, limit carbs, ie, they must give up bread, pasta, potatoes. Diet Dr.

Bauer – a ten-day diet on vegetables, fruits and juices. Allows you to lose 10 days 2,5 – 4 kg. More than 10 days diet Bauer practice is not recommended. These diets have certain limitations. And remember, it is important not simply to lose weight and make it safe for health and save the result. It is possible under a balanced diet, when you lose weight only due to fat mass, with mandatory maintaining or increasing muscle mass.

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