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November 21, 2014

Wooden Stairs

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Wooden stairs of this design give the interior a country style, so they are harmonious with the design of the house and therefore are less common tetivnyh.Etazhnost building, its purpose and define the layout number pair of stairs, depending on what there odnomarshevye, two-and mnogomarshevye. All of them may be turning. Straight ladders are more simple, easily manufactured, are durable and convenience in ispolzovaniya.Esli number of stages over a decade, including the flight of stairs with steps in it for more than ten are usually divided into one intermediate platform, forming a twist. Therefore, it is called turning. In To save space in the home may replace the intermediate sites zabezhnymi steps, which differ in that their outer edge of the wider internal. Rotary stairs smaller compared to direct ladders due to the fact that they occupy less space while retaining the same height.

Such steps taken to establish along two walls, equipping them under various storage rooms and other ancillary pomescheniya.Povorotnye stairs diverse in form. For example, in the manufacture of curved structures is required to comply with the mandatory width of the narrow end of the 10 cm curved shape, for all its monumentality in the economy differ Unlike the ladder zabezhnymi stages at which human leg feels not enough support, and therefore they are less and are made of. Rotary stairs can be circular, and quarter-poluoborotnymi. In quarter turn staircase angle composes 90 degrees (like stairs along the adjacent walls are applicable) in poluoborotnyh this angle is 180 degrees and have a circular rotation of 360 gradusov.Vintovye lestnitsyVintovye stairs on another is called a spiral. They are made for premises that do not have enough places where you can apply straight stairs. Screw designs are less convenient when traveling over the lines, but advantage in terms of saving floor space..

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