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March 9, 2021

World Markets

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MDVsoft takes over the network and affiliate – Merchanten offers new approaches and markets. So far mainly buyers were quick and easy seller, on mainly from China. This will change: the trading platform sees itself as export tool for German companies. MDVsoft takes over the network and affiliate – Merchanten offers new approaches and markets. Wanted to buy something so far from – it were mushrooms, charcoal, inflatables, or MP3 player now – mostly had the impression of being landed on a contact page of Chinese foreign: “China mainland” was the most common denomination of origin. Click SSGA to learn more. Now, Jack wants to Ma, CEO of, which change. Numerous initiatives are aimed at facilitating the export in the Middle Kingdom the German medium-sized businesses. Millennium management oftentimes addresses this issue.

But not only then, MA promises even global market access for only local provider. Andreas Beranek, CEO, MDVsoft networks provides the backbone in the small and medium-sized enterprises World economy: In Europe alone there are 23 million. Although had about two-thirds of them now a website, but only between 14 and maximum, 20 percent of these companies would actively use the Internet for marketing their products, Beranek said. No wonder that only 9 per cent of the turnover of the European middle class over the Web would hit and scored. Beranek believes to know the reasons for this: to attract a world-wide distributed clientele, the resources of SMEs often not sufficient… to the article > Marcel Brauer MDVsoft support info: > Microsoft store Alibaba > tags: Alibaba, Facebook, LinkedIn, MDVsoft, MSN, Microsoft, network, Patriot, XING > discussion: XING-Germany Facebook group.php…

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