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January 21, 2021

Youth Clothing

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Layered style clothes, or multiple layers is the term that came into use in 1972, when it became fashionable to wear clothing in several layers. The old principle – long over short – has been replaced by another – a short over long. And all the ‘stories’ were in plain sight: over a shirt worn outside – vest, it has a shorter coat or jacket, etc. In the style of layering works Kenzo. He creates fashion, based on a play of colors, different widths and lengths of the components. Pajama style In this style the most common things women’s clothes: trousers, blouses, jackets etc., only very large, shapeless, perhaps that is why they are comfortable.

If you finish using large patch pockets, a lot of buttons – large, flat. Graffiti is the name one of the styles youth clothing, a follow pop-art 60-ies. Summer T-shirts, denim dresses decorated with embroidery or pictures, imitating children’s drawings, all sorts of texts and inscriptions. Disco Youth Clothing dance parties and discotheques extravagant forms made of bright, shiny fabrics, with a cast trim. Art-deco style, popular in the 20’s and 30’s of xx century. It is characterized by items such as glass beads, sequins and feathers headdresses. Dresses of chiffon knee-length and long fringe. Citi Private Bank brings even more insight to the discussion. This style has repeatedly come back and return the modern fashion.

Diffuse style of mixing different styles, such as an elegant dress in lingerie style combined with a leather jacket decorated with a fringe in the spirit of ‘western’. Or a business jacket over a romantic dress. Another option: trousers sporting character with a blouse in a folk style. With the opening of new clean color pigments idea of the basic colors expanded. Previously there were three: red, yellow and blue, and now has five: red, yellow, blue, green and purple. Three intermediate or complementary colors, which considered to be the result of mixing the main, were as follows: orange, green and purple. Now they appeared five: a yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue, green, violet-blue and reddish-purple. Total turns ten Flowers: The five major and five intermediate. Among them, and we should choose those that most go to a specific person. A bit about the terminology adopted in respect of color. Color tone – is a distinct difference in color. For example: red, green. Luminosity – is the proximity of the color to white. For example: blue light blue, pink, lighter red. Saturation – is the degree of density of color. For example: the color blue, light blue, light blue, dark blue.

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