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December 20, 2020


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To wallpaper your room cut the band using large scissors. If the picture wallpaper does not require interfacing, cut into several strips, applying them to the first band to measure lengths. Follow the direction of the drawing. If a figure must be docked, it is recommended to cut the strip as the work – this will allow you to avoid mistakes.

Add to the length of each strip distance required for interfacing the figure, and follow the direction of the drawing. Covered with glue back of wallpaper with paint valikai kept for the time specified on the package (usually 3-7 min). Encouraged to observe these time limits. Under most conditions The CARES Act would agree. Step 5. Wallpapering over a wall.

Once soaked wallpaper glue sticking them on the wall, bubbles and wrinkles from the center outwards with a brush or dry cloth. To the joints between bands were less visible, flatten them with a roller. If you are working with relief Wallpapers recommended to smooth them with a clean rag, being careful not to push embossed. Because we cut wallpaper with a stock length, then After wallpapering we have formed some excess material from the ceiling and baseboards. This cut away the excess with a sharp knife. Cut edge wallpaper before the glue dries. Carefully cut the wallpaper knife-cutter, Using a spatula as a constraint. Step 6. Bonding skirting boards. To install the baseboard at the bottom of wallpaper spend a horizontal line (you can use the thread) and cut the wallpaper on it so that they get very close to the baseboard. You can then proceed directly to the adhesion of the plintusa.Kogda Wallpapering completed, the council – at least for a day, close windows and doors in the room to avoid the draft. This give a good wallpaper to stick to the walls and serve you as long as possible. Step 7. Bonding wallpaper behind the heat If you can not remove the radiator, cut the wallpaper in the field inlet pipe and radiator mounting. For leveling you can use a swab with a plastic pvc pipe on it or with cardboard wrapped in a clean cloth. Dropping a mop sink in, smooth wallpaper so that they are firmly stuck to the wall. Wipe traces of glue on the wallpaper and the radiator. Step 8. Pasting wallpaper ceiling is recommended to do this work alone. Fold accordion band width of about 40cm, stick to it with a mop. Glue the front page, starting from the corner and surface as promotion. To make the joints were less visible, it is advisable to have the strip perpendicular to the window. Step 9. Pasting the wallpaper in the corners. Glue the strip so that the edge of the wallpaper is slightly dropped in the corner to the adjacent wall. Glue the next lane so that it overlaps the previous by a few centimeters. Use a plumb line to level of this band. Using a ruler, cut the breadboard with a knife two layers glued wallpaper. Remove the cut edge, holding wallpaper line in order to avoid gaps. Lift the edge of the wallpaper in order to remove the second cut edge and then smooth out the joint. Wipe traces of fresh glue.

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